• Marjon Willekens (MSc in Chemical Engineering)







Vice President

  • Jari Geerts (MSc in Chemical Engineering)








  • Wim Claerhoudt (MSc in Chemical Engineering)







Internal Relations

  • Laura Heveraet (MSc in Sustainable Materials Engineering: Metal Science and Engineering)
  • Brecht Tomme (MSc in Sustainable Materials Engineering: Polymers and Fibre Structures)







External Relations

  • Laura De Saedeleer (MSc in Chemical Engineering)
  • Vladislav Kotov (MSc in Chemical Engineering)








  • Thibo Clicteur (MSc in Chemical Engineering)







For further information we refer to our contact page.


MaChT has voluntary contributors who help organise and support our activities during the year. If you are a Chemical Engineering or Materials Science Engineering student and would like to become a contributor, you can send an email to

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