New Year’s Reception

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19:00 - 23:00


The exams are drawing to a close and the next semester of our university careers is looming just around the corner. What better way to get excited than by coming to MaChT’s New Year’s Reception, to celebrate the start of 2018?

At this reception, you will not only find all your friends, but also representatives from each of our sponsors. You’ll have the opportunity to mingle with them and ask about your possible future in a casual, interactive way through means of a ‘speed date’. This really is the best event we organise to learn more about life after you obtain your degree. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, we will supply free food and drinks throughout the evening, for you to enjoy.

Registration is required for this event – it is meant solely for students in materials science and chemical engineering, so dates will not be allowed. An email with extra practical information (how to get to the location, exact starting hour, etc.) will be sent to all those who sign up. Due to the large amount of sponsors, it will be impossible for each student to have a ‘speed date’ round with each company. As such, if you would like to ensure you are paired up with a certain company (or the attending PhD. students), please select their name when choosing your ticket below. If you are open to everything, select the aptly named “no preference” instead. After the ‘speed date’, there will still be time to talk to everyone you may have missed.

Registration closes at 23:59 on Thursday, 15 February.

This is our biggest event of the year, so if you are a MaChT-volunteer, your attendance will be required. Please sign up below, and keep an eye on the Facebook page to find out what will be expected of you.

We hope to see you all there! Good luck with any remaining exams for now!

There are 74 registered for this event. Maximum amount: 100

Bookings have closed.


  • Arne Simons
  • Laurens Cappoen
  • Olav Drabs
  • Eli Moens
  • Rutger Leenknecht
  • David Strubbe
  • Tom Chielens
  • Benjamin Malderen
  • Leonie Buyse
  • Dieter Claus
  • Stijn Paret
  • Thomas Ommeslag
  • Koen Van Dael
  • Maxime Beck
  • Pieter-Jan De Mulder
  • Bram Droesbeke
  • Bert Biesemans
  • Bram Van Wettere
  • Jelle Pelemans
  • Dylan De Block
  • Charlotte De Vuyst
  • Joran Chielens
  • Florian Vandamme
  • Olivier Verschatse
  • Pieter Deconinck
  • xiaoyi li
  • Delphine De Saegher
  • Bianca Swanckaert
  • Liesbet Deconinck
  • Kevin De Ras
  • Christophe Naessens
  • Ellen Lambrechts
  • Jeroen Aerssens
  • Lars Maebe
  • Tim De Seranno
  • Lisa Claeys
  • Bram Kemseke
  • Konstantijn Rommens
  • Matthias Vandeputte
  • Dant√© De Maeyer
  • Olmo Frateur
  • Kim De Weerdt
  • Jan Claeys
  • petri hanssen
  • Lieve ten Vergert
  • David De Pauw
  • Laura truyens
  • Louis Descamps
  • Michiel Platteeuw
  • Robbe Denis
  • Thomas Gesqueire
  • Helena Loobuyck
  • Lise Vermeyen
  • Baptiste Janclaes
  • Cedric Schuerewegen
  • amelie cobbaert
  • Pieter-Jan Verberckmoes
  • Steven De Volder
  • Sofie Verschraegen
  • Thomas Depraetere
  • Simon Vander Vennet
  • Helix Van Leynseele
  • Sebastiaan De Vrieze
  • Serge Rijssegem
  • Leander Van Speybroeck
  • Elien Van Houwenhove
  • kevin De Gersem
  • Mieke Van De Velde
  • Maarten Dobbelaere
  • Tim De Mits
  • Lise Van Der Beken
  • Jelle De Wispelaere
  • Elias De ketelaere
  • liese vandewalle

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