Company of the month 09/2018: Aleris


Aleris is a world leader in high-quality aluminum products for aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

Aleris, with its head quarters in the U.S. city of Beachwood, Ohio, has 14 production locations strategically spread across three continents and a total of 5,000 employees. Aleris Aluminum in Duffel, with 950 employees, is part of this international group and one of the largest producers of high-quality rolled products. The plant distinguishes itself by applying advanced technology.


Sanaa Sarghini’s work experience:
After getting a Master in Chemistry, I started a PhD in materials engineering in a research institute. I worked on developing new energy efficient and greener deposition processes on steel. After my PhD, I started working in the steel industry in R&D, developing and implementing new processes and emerging technologies. I joined Aleris’s team of Process Technology in March 2016.
Process Technology is the bridge between R&D and production, we stand in production and are responsible for the processes to work optimally and deliver the expected product quality. Working on the line is, I believe, more rewarding than working in an office or in a controlled environment like a laboratory because you have a direct impact and you can see it almost instantly.
The products that we are producing are numerous and varied in alloys, treatment type and treatment time. Moreover the CALP-line is combining several mechanical, chemical and heat treatments which vary all the time depending on the products. Looking at chemical processes, for example, I make sure the chemicals can be used in the machine, that they do their perform well on the products without damaging the equipment and use them sparingly to limit the impact on the cost and the environment.

The main project I carried out last year was the installation and start-up of a new process step in our production line. This process should improve the painting quality and adhesion processes at our customers.
The installation of a new process, which does not exist elsewhere, is a nice and interesting challenge. In addition, I get a better understanding of the problems our customers may face with actual technologies or what are the limitations of the actual processes. Finally, all the information is gathered and those needs are translated into process parameters which are clear to the supplier.
Another quality of my position is that since I am working with colleagues from production and R&D, my job is never boring and there is always something new: a new problem to solve, a new product to manufacture or a new process to develop or optimize. We work as a team at Aleris and we reach our goals together, if you need help you will always find someone who will work with you.

Some of the most prestigious automotive brands are using aluminium from Aleris and I love to get a closer look at our products when I see them mounted on those cars: it is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and pride to see the good quality of our manufactured product and think “I contributed to that”.

The winner of our Company of the month puzzle of Aleris is Bart Lauwers. He won a mini-speaker and some other gagdets provided by Aleris.
Bart Lauwers

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