Company of the month 09/2018: Yara


Yara Sluiskil is one of the production sites of the Norwegian company Yara International. Yara has offices in 52 countries worldwide, sells its products in more than 160 countries and has nearly 15.000 employees. Yara Sluiskil has been located around the Canal Zone Ghent-Terneuzen since 1929, making nitrogen fertilizers and industrial chemicals, such as Air 1®, NOxCare® and CO2 for the soda and beer breweries.
Yara’s mission is ‘responsibly feed the world and protect the planet’. Yara’s knowledge, products and solutions grow farmers’, distributors’ and industrial customers’ businesses profitably and responsibly, while protecting the earth’s resources, food and environment.
Sluiskil is one of the largest production sites within Yara International. In 2016, more than 5 million tons of product were shipped. The factories belong to the most efficient and reliable in the world.


Steven started working in the Nitrate / Urea department in August 2012 as a process engineer. During his first two years, he was responsible for the daily operations with main focus on the ammonium nitrate production. This includes day-to-day problem shooting, emission follow-up and turnaround preparation. Looking back, Steven says: “After a short introduction period, I quickly received responsibilities and I immediately felt useful for the company”. Later on, focus shifted more towards the implementation of improvement projects. These projects typically aim at improving the plant safety, reducing the emission or increasing the production. Around 2016, the focus area shifted more towards the urea production. “This department offers so much diversity that it is impossible to get bored!”. Since last year, Steven is working nearly full time on a big expansion project in close collaboration with the YPO project office in Brussels. Because of this, he works two days a week from the Brussels office. “Being part of a project as big as this is a huge privilege. It is fascinating to look at the plants I know so well from a different angle. My operational experience definitely brings a lot of value to the project team”.
Steven studied Chemical Engineering at Gent University and started working for Yara Sluiskil shortly after graduating. “I had an offer from Yara and an American company. I chose for Yara because I could identify myself more with Yara’s company culture. Looking back, I’m still very happy with my choice: a nice atmosphere with many young colleagues and a diverse and challenging job!”.

The winner of our company of the month puzzle of Yara is Pieter-Jan Verberckmoes. He was given a fitness tracker and some other gadgets, all provided by Yara!

Pieter-Jan Verberkmoes

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