Company of the month 11/2018: ExxonMobil


ExxonMobil – Start-up Delayed Coker Unit
With the upcoming sulfur limitations for marine fuels in 2020, a significant market shift is expected, which will impact the oil refining industry. ExxonMobil anticipated this market change by investing more than US$1 billion to construct a new delayed coker unit at its refinery in Antwerp, highlighting ExxonMobil’s effort to improve the competitiveness of its strategic assets in Europe.
The construction of the new delayed coker has recently been completed and all product streams are routed to the processing units. The start-up of this coker unit is a complex process due to the integration with the complete refinery, which impacts the steady-state behavior of the refinery. The focus for the coming months is further optimizing all units to its limits, while ensuring safe operations with minimal environmental impact.
The delayed coker unit will convert heavy, higher sulfur residual oils into transportation fuels, such as marine gasoil and diesel fuel. With this new unit Antwerp Refinery becomes a “full conversion” site, which strengthens ExxsonMobil’s asset portfolio in Europe, improving its ability to compete in a challenging environment for European refiners.
The start-up of this new coker unit creates challenges and opportunities for further optimizations for high-skilled technical staff positions.
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The winner of our Company of the month puzzle of ExxonMobil is Brecht Tomme. He won a headphone provided by ExxonMobil.

Brecht Tomme

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