The combination of science with design knowledge and market insight has made it possible for Milliken to tackle any problem and challenge. From worldwide laboratories and development and application centres our scientists and engineers create chemical additives and dye technologies for all kinds of applications, from detergents to automobile parts.

Since 1865, the textile and chemical additives firm has its headquarters in the US. Currently, Milliken has establishments in Central America, South America, Europe and Asia. Milliken Europe, which has been present in Ghent for about 50 years, harbours a factory specialized in diverse tissues for automobile tyres, seats and airbags.

On top of that, the Ghent division is specialized in specialty chemicals: additives for polypropylene (clarifying and nucleating agents), dyes for transparent polypropylene (PP), detergents and polyurethane.

Hyperform® HPN (a nucleating agent for polypropylene) decreases the production time and improves the impact-stiffness balance. Hyperform® HPN (a nucleating agent for polyolefins) makes productivity and barrier improvements possible for thin walled applications. Hyperform® HPR (a reinforcing agent for polypropylene applications) leads to weight decrease and scratch resistance.

Millad® NXTM 8000 is the new standard in clear polypropylene that saves energy, decreases the production time and CO2 exhaust while providing the highest clarity in PP. ClearTint® dyes allow the purest and clearest colors for clear PP. Finally, Zelec electroconducting powders (ECPs) make it possible to discharge static electricity from coating, packaging, fibre and foil products.

Every day, our innovative employees come up with new ways to improve the health and safety of others, while always bearing ecology in mind.

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