Interscience is an established SME with the creativity, ambition and flexibility of a start-up. We have been involved in the distribution, development and validation of high-tech instruments since 1975. We are market leader in the Benelux for GC and GC/MS. We develop & validate applications, train users and provide technical support for > 1000 instruments.

We are widely acknowledged for our high level of service excellence and open approach towards the acquisition and distribution of new knowledge.

We act as a partner for both routine and research laboratories in their pursuit for new, innovative solutions. Designing tailor-made solution is our main activity: standard devices are extended or adjusted and in case of more complex applications, new technology is built in-house. Moreover, it is our strategy to maximize the impact of our instruments by exploring and developing entirely new markets.

In order to keep matching our products and services with the continuously evolving needs of the laboratory professional, we have recently introduced several new business units. It is crucial to stay on top of things and figure out what type of fundamental and applicative research questions our customers are intending to address on the mid and long term.

G.A.S. focus on chemical & petrochemical solutions, often at-line applications for the chemical clusters in Antwerp and Rotterdam. Most often QC of raw oil products, semi-fabricats and end products in refineries, storage and the gas industry where compositions of mixtures and corresponding impurities are key parameters to monitor. Another part of our activities involves the design and development of tailor-made systems.

SampleQ, laboratory automation and more. SampleQ unites the expertise and intelligent chromatography solutions of Interscience with the knowhow and advances throughput strategies of Flamac. We think along from sample preparation to data reporting. Our approach saves valuable time, costs and brings the quality level of your operations sky high.

IS-X represents all de analytical services of Interscience. Our experts optimize your processes in such a way that they become more efficient, profitable and reproducible.

With our 3 knowledge clusters we have to capacity to participate in the creative processes of our customers in a proactive fashion and add the value they are perhaps unaware of.