SCK•CEN (, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, is a foundation of public utility. It conducts groundbreaking research into nuclear energy and ionizing radiation for civilian use, and develops nuclear technologies for socially valuable purposes. It achieves this by means of independent, fundamental and applied research, and by providing advice, training, services and products. Priority R&D domains are (i) nuclear materials sciences, (ii) advanced nuclear systems, and (iii) environment, health and safety.

Within the SCK•CEN Academy (, more than 60 years of nuclear expertise and experience gained from our different research projects is collected and transferred. In the interests of maintaining a competent workforce in industry, healthcare, research, and policy, and of transferring nuclear knowledge to the next generations, the SCK•CEN Academy takes it as its mission to (i) provide guidance for young researchers, (ii) organize academic courses and customized training for professionals, (iii) offer policy support with regard to education and training matters and (iv) care for critical-intellectual capacities for society.