Yara International



Yara Sluiskil is one of the production sites of the Norwegian company Yara International. Yara has offices in 52 countries worldwide, sells its products in more than 160 countries and has nearly 15.000 employees. Yara Sluiskil has been located around the Canal Zone Ghent-Terneuzen since 1929, making nitrogen fertilizers and industrial chemicals, such as Air 1®, NOxCare® and CO2 for the soda and beer breweries.

Yara’s mission is ‘responsibly feed the world and protect the planet’. Yara’s knowledge, products and solutions grow farmers’, distributors’ and industrial customers’ businesses profitably and responsibly, while protecting the earth’s resources, food and environment.

Sluiskil is one of the largest production sites within Yara International. In 2016, more than 5 million tons of product were shipped. The factories belong to the most efficient and reliable in the world.

More information: http://www.yara.com