Volvo Car Gent

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Volvo Car Gent is a car plant in the North Sea Port in Gent. It consists of a welding factory, paint shop, final assembly line and several adjacent areas. With 183,238 cars produced (2021) per year, Volvo Car Gent is a key player in the Volvo Car Corporation. It currently builds the V60, XC40 and C40 models; the latter two being fully electric. With 7,000 employees, Volvo Car Gent is the largest industrial employer in East Flanders. At Volvo, we look forward to a new future where electrification, autonomous driving and connection are the keywords.

We expect that half of all Volvo cars sold will be fully electric by 2025. More than a century after the invention of the internal combustion engine, we are entering a new chapter in automotive history — that of electrification, which Volvo Car Gent is pioneering.

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Job options

Volvo resolutely opts for the future. That’s why we will make only electric cars by 2030. And for that, we need your help. Next year, up to 135,000 fully electric cars will roll off the production line at Volvo Car Gent, equipped with the most pioneering technology. Job security? Check!

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